Giving Tuesday; Giving Rise to Education

Most of us recently enjoyed a Thanksgiving filled with enormous amounts of food, family, love, and warmed hearts. The girls at the Malaika School in the DRC were likely learning how to type on their new laptops, reading as far as they can before the sun sets, or eating a hearty meal in the cafeteria. … Continue reading Giving Tuesday; Giving Rise to Education

Vanishing Inwards – Exploring “Not Existence”

Typically in the mornings, as the beep of the microwave rings loud and black tea steams from my mug, I ponder over not-existence. One might ask: Why revolve around the lack of existence instead of the current state of being inside it? In response, I would strive to convey the satisfaction and gratification that I … Continue reading Vanishing Inwards – Exploring “Not Existence”